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The treasure of Cavendish (O tesouro de Cavendish)

I’ve illustrated this zine O tesouro de Cavendish in partnership with my friend Stella Elia, from BabaYaga collective, based on São Paulo city, in Brazil. Starting with her memories about playing and drawing under the kitchen table, she had the idea of making a zine […]

Who is coming? (Quem vem lá?)

Zine published in Brazil by BabaYaga collective, text by Alessandra Corá. 4 cards folded, cut and sewed one by one. Dimensions (folded): 18x18cm Digital print, laminated Handmade 1st edition: 2016 (sold out) 2nd edition: 2018 (coming soon) Click here to go to BabaYaga collective webpage.

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