Graphic Design

Book design

Beyond the dark (Pra lá do escuro) – indie production. A concertina book that visually talks about courage to go after our dreams. Digital printing, handmade paper cut details.

Look, it’s raining! (Olha a chuva!)BabaYaga collective, text by Carolina Moreyra.
Carolina had a poem about the hustle that it comes when the rain starts. She had the idea of placing the poem in a zine folded in this house shape. I came with the digital illustration and design to make the doors open as we play with the folds, to make the rain happen, to be sure that the poem was comfy inside this paper house.

Cavendish’s treasure (O tesouro de Cavendish)BabaYaga collective, text by Stella Elia. Stella Elia wanted to make a zine with simple folding, starting with a pirate story, and ending on a treasure map. She wanted to show both the fantasy of a pirate story and the message that we can have a big adventure in a simple setting – she used to play and create her stories under the kitchen table of her childhood. We used Brazilian stones in a handmade fabric bag to compose the game that is also part of this pirate adventure.

…and what came before that? (…e o que veio antes?)BabaYaga collective, text by Carolina Moreyra. Book design in partnership with Odilon Moraes and Debora Barbieri.
This is a book that starts from the end (the present moment) and goes backwards to the big-bang. I came with the illustrations and the design of the narrative, to make the rhythm of the narrative go faster as we turn the pages. The illustrations start small, and it gets bigger as the narrative gets more intense. One big spread with multiple folds for the grand finale.

Who is coming? (Quem vem lá?)BabaYaga collective, text by Alessandra Corá.
Digital illustration and design for this set of 4 interactive zines about animals: a bear family hug, a bird nest, a snake hidden in the grass and a mirror. Designed to make it possible in a tight budget. Digital printing, matte finish, handcrafted.

Website production

Graphics for newsletter and social media

Graphics for Maitreya KMC social media and newsletter.