marciamisawa3Childhood is what guides me, and observing the way a child looks to the world around her is what delights me the most. When I design a new project, I try to remember how would I react if I had it in hands when I was a kid. It is pretty amazing when I recognize in my sons feelings that I also had when I was their ages. Those are moments when I feel in the right way, keeping myself close to my truly “me”, my essence.

Luckily, my work is tangled to my role as a mom. When my first son was born, I was very excited having a partner, someone to share books with. And I learn with them so much more than I can offer them!…

It is not just about drawing, watercolor or books. They are my tools, but what I like the most is reaching people’s souls, their nature, keeping alive what we have so vivid in childhood but that we learn to ignore, to stop listening to, as we grow.

I believe that when we are able to listen to our own selves, when we value our inner voices, we are more capable to understand the other’s point of view. And to respect them. This is the foundation of a peaceful world.

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, and I live in Jacksonville-FL since 2016 with my husband and two kids. My grandparents were Japanese immigrants in Brazil (Sometimes I have to explain that because I’m not a good example of how a Brazilian looks like).

I have bachelor degree in Communication/Advertising at ECA-USP in São Paulo and Certificate of continuing education in Education Studies and Human Relations.

In Brazil, I’m a former member and founder of BabaYaga collective, a creative writing group with self-published indie books and zines for children.

Unfold & Fly is my art shop, launched on January 2021. An invitation to contemplate, stop and listen to our hearts, silently.