Itaú Cultural video classes

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Series of 5 videos with art classes for children, for Itaú Cultural, one of the main advocates for Art and Culture in Brazil. They were made during the pandemic, in 2020, to help children and educators to cope with isolation.

How do you imagine the city of your dreams? In mine, teachers’s well being is a priority, “love” is a school subject; there’s a community kitchen garden and there’s no hunger; accessibility; equanimity…
Create paper scenarios for your pretend play. How to make a kitchen made of paper: revealing the secrets of my indie book Let’s pretend that I cook today.
Watercolor with food. Painting watercolor with paints made of spinach, beet, and more.
Make a watercolor garden using coffee filter. Combining a flower making craft that I’ve learned from my mom in my childhood with very simple technique using markers and water: a lot of fun!
Create tridimensional greeting cards and surprise people you love.