Look at the rain! (Olha a chuva!)

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Olha a chuva! (Look at the rain!) is a poem of Carolina Moreyra about the rush that happens when comes the rain, published in Brasil by BabaYaga collective.

The illustration follows the shape of simple origami house, exploring folds, edges and shapes. The door opens to reveal the title, inviting the visitor to come in into this paper house and read the poem sheltered inside.

Dimensions (folded): 20 x 10,5 cm
Dimension (opened): 20 x 21 cm
Zine folded in one sheet of paper, Digital print, Offset paper 120gr/m2
Covered by vellum paper 120gr/m2, Digital print
1st edition: 30 copies [Sould out]

Click here to go to BabaYaga collective wepgage (in Portuguese)