I exist (Existo)

Books, Illustration, Indie books, Portfolio, watercolor

Illustration and lettering for the book  I Exist (Existo), text of Vinícius Cardoso, part of a collection Coletânea Amar de Livres Infantis, published in 2016 with funds that came from Edital Proac 2014 de Manifestações LGBT.


To capture the inner feelings and to understand the struggles that transgender people have to face, we conducted art and writing workshops in a prefecture assistencial project in São Paulo city, which aim was to help transgender people in poverty to return and complete their studies by the end of high school. A remarkable moment for all of us.


As a result, Vinicius came with  a very sensitive text, in a form of a diary of a child that discovers herself a transgender, while express her emotions trough her art.