I miss kaki (Saudade de caqui)

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Project selected and made with funds of Edital de Bolsas de Incentivo à criação literária – Literatura Infantil e Juvenil do PROAC 2015, edited by BabaYaga collective, in 2016.


My grandmother was an Japanese immigrant in Brazil. We could live together when I was a child, enjoying the nature’s seasons movements. Persimmon was a fruit very common in her childhood land and we had some trees of it in our farm.


This is a story about preserving memories and flavors.


SAUDADE is a noun that exists only in Portuguese, my native language in Brazil, that we can barely translate to “I miss you” feeling.

Dimensions: 19×24,5cm
40 pages
1st edition: 200 copies


Click here to go to BabaYaga collective’s  webpage

Para comprar (somente no Brasil), clique aqui!

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